About South America Tours


What is South America Tours

Since you set foot on South America for the first time, you can’t help falling in love with this magical land… and it’s one of those loves that last forever! You’ll always want to return to this mind-blowing continent, with so much to offer that there’ll always be new stunning places to discover in every visit. That’s what we do in South America Tours, try to help you to discover all the magic this continent has to offer.

White-sand beaches and deep-blue oceans with almost unreal hues; emerald green lakes lapping the foothill of incredibly beautiful mountains, under a sky as clean as a brand new canvas; ancient alleys oozing with legends and colonial charm; unique flavors, colors, aromas and sounds arousing your senses; and the best touristic attraction by itself, a rich cultural heritage with a whole world of contrasts.

The purpose of South America Tours is to become a window for you to explore all the magic of South American continent, doing our bit to guide you with travel tips and interesting facts about everything you can’t miss in this amazing land!

In South America Tours we don’t sell tours, we live it!

Although we provide recommendations and travel tips about the best South America tours and places to visit, South America Tours is not a travel agency itself, since we don’t sell any travel packages or touristic plans. This blog was born as an initiative aimed at sharing our experience about some of the most popular travel destinations and countries in South America, as well as some lesser-known, but likewise fantastic places to visit.

In South America Tours you’ll find useful information and photos of travel destinations, activities, foods, celebrations, customs, travel tips and the best vacation spots to fully enjoy your trip to South America.