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The Amboró National Park is located in the “elbow of the Andes”, in the heart of Bolivian territory. It has a varying altitude that ranges between 300 and 3,200 meters above sea level, and it’s the home to exceptional varieties of flora and fauna where both lowland and highland species take part of the scenery. Those visiting the Amboró National Park, in Bolivia can expect a lot from their visit, a must in all South America tours.

What Travellers Can Do In Amboró National Park

Activities such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, swimming, flora and fauna observation and interpretation, boating, fishing and conducting archeological and biological studies are allowed in the area. Both the old and new roads between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra give easy access to this “Integrated Management Area”. To enter the Amboro park road, visitors must have a vehicle since such road isn’t always in great condition, particularly during the rainy season.

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Attractions In The North Side of The Amboró National Park

Almost all tourism in the Amboro Reserve’s northern area occurs within three kilometers inside the Red Line which separates the Natural Area of Integral Management (ANMI) of the park from its center, covering almost 400,000 hectares of land. The park’s northern side is composed of rainforest, waterfalls, Amazon river basin and a lot of streams and rivers.

The quality of the jungle of the north side of the park gets the attention of visitors. It is quite dense and taller than other similar spots. While the Amboro National Park is famous for its various kinds of birds, they can be heard easily but people don’t always see them. This portion of Amboro is abundant in animal life and has a good number of Amazon species.

  • La Chonta – This ecotourism lodge has diverse flora and fauna. It provides accommodation managed by the community with a range of services that include guides to path visits.
  • Laguna verde (Green Lagoon) – This can be found in San Carlos. In Laguna Verde you’ll be able to spot alligators and other animals. There are two waterfalls and pools on the site. The ecolodge “Laguna Verde” is managed by the Oriente Chichas community and has cabins that can accommodate twelve people.

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Attractions In The South Side Of The Amboró National Park

The park’s southern size is the highest part of the park. This is a mountainous area with difficult access inside or passing the Red Line. Visitors here can expect to find the exotic spectacled bear and other kinds of animals. The south side has fewer streams and rivers as well as less humid than the north. Here, vegetation is less dense, wildlife species vary and trees aren’t as tall.

  • La Yunga -The Yunga territory is characterized by canyons, lakes, foothills, rivers, valleys and mountain sheets. It is rich and varied mosaic of at least six vegetation formations.
  • Volcanos -The community called Volcano is perfect for those having a South America travel in search of of adventure, trekking and contact with nature, since getting to this place requires a walk of seven kilometers across the Colorado River. The Mirador Loma Borda (Loma Borda viewpoint) is the main attraction here where visitors can see the Serrania Volcanoes and the whole park.
  • Jardín de las Delicias (Garden of Delights) – This attraction is located at El Torno, which is 36 kilometers from Santa Cruz de la Sierra. This boasts three waterfalls that can be visited in a walk along a well-maintained and designed trail.