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Have you heard about saving the rainforest through initiatives like ecotourism? The natural lung of the world and many other things that are said. Well, Rurrenabaque will show you how exciting a city located in the middle of Amazon rainforest can be. It’s time to start traveling to Rurrenabaque and explore what South America has to offer. The good news is that you don’t have to leave home to have full information about where to go; here in South America Tours you’ll find the best destinations in the richest continent in the world regarding wildlife, natural wonders and culture heritage.

Beginner’s Travel Guide for Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

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Bathed by Beni river, Rurrenabaque is considered the entrance point to the Bolivian Amazon and all its natural wealth. Photo: Viva Central and South America.

Traveling to Rurrenabaque: Planning Your Trip

Rurrenabaque, or simply Rurre, is a small town in the Beni Department on the banks of the Beni River, in the Bolivian Amazon Basin. Traveling to Rurrenabaque is a top-pick among South America’s tourism activities, and it’s mainly for one reason: Rurre is the entrance door to the vibrant Bolivian Amazon. Trips to the jungle in the nearby Madidi National Park and Pampas are the main attraction of the area, because it offers the cleanest air to breath and lots of outdoor activities, in a journey that will put you in straight contact with nature.

This is a very important tourist town in Bolivia, located between the most visited destinations by its geographical location, just next to Madidi National Park. This piece of rainforest, co-habiting with an always moving place, set Rurrenabaque as one of the 20 destinations most important in the world by the magazine National Geographic international in 2011.

Traveling To Rurrenabaque: Where To Go?

Upong traveling to Rurrenabaque, there you’ll find more than 20 tour companies offering jungle and pampas excursions, the main attractions around Rurre. The amount of money you spend will depend on the tour you’re taking, since prices of Pampas and Jungle tours varies. However, it’s almost mandatory to hire a tour service in order to explore deep into the remotest places, where you can appreciate the Amazon rainforest in full glamour.

Madidi National Park: It’s a Protected Area, a status given to the most relevant ecological and biogeographical places on the planet for preservation purposes. With 867 species of birds, the Maidi National Park is the perfect place for bird observing and taking photos of the amazing landscape and views.

Here you can also find peculiar aquatic species that can be observed, like stings and in some areas freshwater stingrays, freshwater pink dolphins and the world-famous piranhas. There are several indigenous native communities, settled in Rurrenabaque area for centuries or historically related with it. They currently share a vision of tourism as a strategy of development and conservation.

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The Yacuma Pampas are a must in your adventure trip to Rurrenabaque. There you’ll navigate the Yacuma river while watching the Amazon wildlife.

Max Jungle -Day Tours: Especially for rainy seasons (between December and June), there is a new trek tour going into the mountains, which means less mosquitos and less swampy ground under your foot. You can also follow streams to crystal clear waterfalls where you can clear you mind and refresh your body.

Pampas Tours If you’re traveling to Rurrenabaque to watch the endemic wildlife, you definitely need to go for a pampas tour. In here you will learn the difference between a crocodile, an alligator, a caiman, and many other variations of the same species, including the giant black caiman. You will also be able to watch the frisky turtles playing on the water, as well as pink dolphins, capybaras, monkeys, giant ant-eaters, porcupines, toucans, blue and yellow macaws, and even jaguars! (if you’re very, very lucky, though).

One of the unique experiences to be had in the Pampas region is swimming with pink river dolphins, one of the most remarkable characteristic species of the Amazon. This beautiful dolphins are very sociable, and will often approach the sound of a motorboat, eager to interact with the people.

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Get in touch with your wild side by traveling to Rurrenabaque, where you’ll enjoy the sight of unique Amazon species like macaws and the exotic pink dolphin!

Traveling To Rurrenabaque: How To Get There?

There are actually two options to get to Rurre: by plane and by bus. There are buses from La Paz (Bolivia’s capital city) and they will take you there in a trip of 18 hours. Yeah, it’s wide cheaper than the plane trip, yet more exhausting too. However, if you have an unstoppable spirit of adventure it won’t make you desist traveling to Rurrenabaque. As for the plane alternative, the main airport there is Tamac airport, just outside the town. But when everything gets flooded (specially during rain season), airplanes would land at Reyes, about 45 minutes away from Rurre. Yes, it is a bit convoluted, but totally worthy if you prefer traveling to Rurrenabaque the comfortable way.