things to know before going to rio carnival - brazil - south america tours

Street parties, beaches and bikinis are the real life in Rio de Janeiro, especially during the yearly Carnival festival. Going to Brazil’s Rio Carnival is one of the best South America tours you can have where there is so much fun involved. The event includes four days of partying, unlimited caipirinhas and some bizarre costumes that you often at an adults-only Halloween event.

Being in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival will put you outside of your comfort zone in a realm of elaborate disguise. Below are some of the things to know before going to Rio Carnival and take part in the crowd of feathers and glitters.

Five Things To Know Before Going To Rio Carnival

Witness the Samba Parade

This yearly tradition brings Carnival to life where people get dressed in feathers and sequins dancing down the streets beside well-decorated floats. Typically, the festivities start at around 9pm but many arrive around 11:30 to be sure that the crowd have reduced a bit with the wild moving at its peak, letting you take part and dance.

Remember the Block Parties

Block parties or blocos are set at different locations and times throughout the Carnival event which is celebrated in four days. A huge amount of attendees clock to such areas in order to listen to themed music, be in the company of friends, both old and new, as well as be in wacky attire.

things to know before going to rio carnival - brazil - south america tours
Streets of Rio de Janeiro turn into a frenzy of color, music and people during carnival. Photo: Agencia Brazil.

In case you will have this South America travel alone, you can easily find people to celebrate with. But since the event is attended mostly by Brazilians, the language barrier may affect your fun factor. Being with a group of friends will guarantee an all-round happy time and offer that bit of comfort in the middle of the block party struggle.

You Will Meet Very Friendly Carnival Goers

Because of some sort of sexual energy that runs through the Carnival’s veins, some goers, especially the first-timers, can be overwhelmed. The festival is driven by a sense of free spiritedness where reservations are usually left because you are encouraged to adopt each moment there with an open mind. So expect people to just approach you and talk to you comfortably like they have known you for many years. In case you don’t feel the chemistry, you can always say no.

Be Smart while at the Streets

In Rio de Janeiro, Carnival is a high season for crimes and with thousands of tourists clocking to the city to take part in the celebration, a number of pick pocketing can occur. If you are worried about bringing a camera; however, still wish to capture the festivities, consider a small GoPro camera.

best beaches in rio - south america tours
After Rio Carnival, beaches like Copacabana, Ipanema and Barra da Tijuca are the perfect place to chill and recharge batteries.

Have Some Quality Down Time Following the Festival

After four days of chaos, Rio will be quickly abandoned. You can make use of this quiet period to explore areas of the surrounding city. You can unwind in four ways. Hike to stunning views, relax on a beach, visit the botanical garden (Jardim Botanico) or go on a favela tour. The activity will help you relax and reflect on what had happened during the festival.