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If you’re looking for a truly magical place while at Chile during your South America tours, just get on a ferry and straight ahead to meet the wonders of Chiloe Island! It only takes a trip of about 30 minutes from Puerto Montt and there you go. Chiloe Island! It constitutes the biggest island of the known Chiloe Archipelago of Chile. It’s located between the gulfs Corvocado and Ancud, tourists’ access to it throughout the Chacao Channel and is separated from the main territory of Chile.

It is believed to have around 7.000 years of existence because of the primitive remains it had all around the landscape and shores. The island is located one and half miles away from Chile’s mainland and the reaction of people when getting there is that the island feels like a totally separated world from its country.

One of the many attractions of Chiloe Island is the fact that penguins make nests around certain months over the year. Tourists can catch awesome photography if they explore the island allowed territories and sit quietly to listen the loud scream of the species, their common way to call out for mating. There’s two type of penguins around the island and they cohabitate perfectly in a safe environment; also living in the same space there are ducks nesting on the shore rocks.

Bird species are vast on the island, but are not the only animals that salute tourists when they pay a visit… You can find beautiful otters, foxes, exotic frogs, and many others.

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The famous Chiloe Island palafittes. Photo: MaxPixel.

Mr Darwin loved Chiloe Island!

Chiloe island was visited by Charles Darwin on the 28th of June at 1834, he was writing on his diary all the experiences that the Chilean culture leaved on him, making him feel more than welcomed with humbleness and rich human history. The main town of Chiloe island is called Castro, with indigenous houses still preserved (Palafitos), it gives a beautiful view of an endemic culture that has lived in the same land probably since great centuries ago; the town offers a broad catalogue of services for the tourism category, from kayak travelling, fishing guidance, tours around historical places and natural areas with local wonders, and even birding.

Even though Chiloe island keeps a very rural style, all the places are polish by the well-known sense of cultural preservation by the local community, people are very proud and caring of their town and all its surroundings. So visitors of any origin should be respectful and open to new concepts so the experience of travelling to Chiloe can be even more pleasant than just meet a new environment, but a different culture too.