In Chile, on the Valparaíso province, you can find the majestic and tourist city of Vina del Mar (or Viña del Mar, in Spanish), also known as the Garden City. And it’s, indeed, a perfect nickname for this beautiful city: all its green spaces make Vina del Mar a blossoming flower within the Chilean garden.

The Majestic Vina del Mar

This seaside city has grown exponentially in just little over than a century. From the point in which Vina del Mar consisted on two estates with different landlords — during 1920’s, until which’s considered one of the most important cities of Chile and South America in our days. Vina del Mar, Chile, has become the tourist capital of the nation, being a cosmopolitan, spectacular, flamboyant, majestic and peerless urban center. There’s no other place in Chile that can be compared in beauty to Vina del Mar: from modern, large hotels and shopping centers to stunningly beautiful gardens, which are the reason it was named Ciudad Jardín (Garden City) and Ciudad Bella (Beautiful City).

Enjoy the lively nightlife in Vina del Mar, with the best pubs, seafood restaurants and casinos of Chile. Photo: David Shankbone.

Many years have passed from Colonial times, where Vina del Mar consisted on simple vineyards. However, it still maintains its splendorous air and natural beauty after all the natural disasters — mainly earthquakes — that have occurred in the area. Vina del Mar has stayed on foot as one of major Chile travel destinations, strong and beautiful as always, seducing travelers anxious to enjoy its pleasures all year long.

Vina del Mar allocates a great deal of resources to hotel infrastructure, tourism and esthetic preservation of all of its surroundings. It’s the flagship city when it comes to tourism throughout the whole region of Valparaíso, and it possesses unmatched attractions on every corner.

Vina del Mar Beach and Coast

When summer arrives, Reñaca is the center of fun in Vina del Mar. This exclusive district is located on the outskirts of town, and it offers tourists a beautiful beach with a unique urban structure where lodging has options for every taste and budget: from the most luxury resort to the most economic beach hostel. In Reñaca, you can have your own little place for any of your Chile travel plans.

Vina del Mar is the major tourist city in Chile, with a wide beach area and thousands of visitors during summer. Photo: G. Küppers.

On the coast area of Muelle Vergara, visitors can enjoy an amazing view of the whole Vina del Mar seaside, besides having restaurants and a delightful fishing area, formerly composed of commercial stands where merchandise was sent from. In our days, Muelle Vergara is a tourist attraction, remodeled in 1983 for the use and enjoyment of visitors.

Vina del Mar Green Areas and Gardens

Because not everything can be chaos in big cities, you can also find a nature sanctuary in Vina del Mar with 536 blocks of forest, the Gomez Carreño Natural Park. This park has an unparalleled green beauty, with plenty of rivers, natural pools, troughs and more nature places for you to enjoy. It has several native species of Chilean flora and fauna, living in this reservoir apart from the world. It is possible and— definitely worth it!— to pay a visit to Gomez Carreno Natural Park, just a few minutes away from Vina del Mar.

Vina del Mar has the perfect combination of modernity and nature, with a a lot of green spaces and parks that have earned it the nickname of “Garden City”. Photo: Flickr.

If you love nature and you want to see every green area Vina del mar can offer, you’ll certainly want to visit the National Botanic Garden (Jardín Botánico Nacional in Spanish), also known as Valparaíso Metropolitan Park (Parque Metropolitano de Valparaíso). There you’ll find a natural refuge, a green space within the modern city with over 3,000 species of plants; The Valparaíso Metropolitan Park is an important nature reserve that you can’t forget to visit if you find yourself trying to escape from Vina del Mar’s daily activity for a while.

Vina del Mar Sightseeing Spots

To serve as a welcoming symbol for visitors and teams during Soccer World Cup of Chile 1962, the Flores Clock (Reloj de Flores, in Spanish) was inaugurated the same year in Vina del Mar, one of the event venues. The Reloj de Flores is a beautiful combination of clock machinery and nature, and it is a mandatory stop when you visit the area during your Chile travel. It’s truly an iconic symbol of Vina del Mar and its fusion between modern and green.

Marga Marga is a remarkable architectural work, with an extensive estuary you can walk along, enjoying all the beauty of Vina del Mar. Photo: Flickr.

The Marga Marga Estuary is worthy of admiration, running across the whole city until reaching the ocean. Whether you want to or not, you’ll have to see this monumental work, it would be impossible not to appreciate it due to its extension. On past times, the waters of Marga Marga Estuary were used to wash clothes and gold panning; nowadays, it’s one of the most important symbols of Vina del Mar.

If you have a taste for art and culture and want to enjoy some during your Chile travel, there’s the Vina del Mar Open-air Museum (Museo al Aire Libre de Viña del Mar), where visitors can admire pieces of art from contemporary Chilean artists, which are a complete delight for art lovers.

Without leaving the area, you can visit an architectonic marvel, crowned as a monument and National heritage, the Wulff Castle (Castillo de Wulff). This stunning building resembles the great fortresses from the Middle Ages, defying the sea and the cliff. It was built in the early 20th century. The Wulff Castle combines the presence of a castle — rock towers included — with a frontage that makes it looks like an English settlement. This is just one of the many attractions that Vina del Mar offers, inviting you to visit and enjoy this wonderful city in your next Chile travel.