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Mount Chimborazo: A Mountain, a Volcano and a Peak of Ice

What’s the meaning of the name “Chimborazo”? The right question is not why Chimborazo is called that way… but how you can get to the top of it. Formerly known as the highest mountain of the planet, mount Chimborazo is the greatest point in Ecuador and one of the most remarkable points in all South America tours. There are many access routes to start climbing this huge nature wonder, but not many people risk to the task. Why? You have to be more than inversed to get to the top than just climbing it. Experts advertise that mixed rock/ice climbing knowledge is necessary for the activity.

This point is one the greatest representations of Andean regions around South America’s soil. The mountain has 2 refuges sites, both at nearly the same distance, 5.000 meters that traduce into 16.000 feet. It’s calculated to be almost half a day climb (using slopes). There’s a glacier entrance on the top of the mountain known by locals and travelers as “El Corredor”. The mount has an approximate height of 6268M.

To get to the Chimborazo entrance you need to take three bus trips, from the Quitumbe Terminal in Quito to Riobamba, and then to Guaranda; from that point there is a stop just outside the mount. It is geographically located around 30 minutes after crossing San Juan (local town).

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Climbing Chimborazo, the Experience of a Lifetime

The experience of a lifetime”: that’s the common description of visitors who take the challenge of climbing part of the mountain, and honor among travellers who get higher than anyone before. Chimborazo is a volcano, a mountain and has a peak of ice on the top. The wonder itself represents the biodiversity of Peru having all these three elements converging together. When parties are going to start the climb from the refuges center, usually decide to start around midnight.  They take a middle amount of 6 hours to get to the next refugee point. And then keep going on to the other 2 hours later, to rest and get ready for the next step.

Mount Chimborazo: Once The Highest Mountain on the Planet, Now The Closest Point to the Sun

The Himalayan mountains and Peruvian peaks were the great reasons why Chimborazo was dethroned of its place as the highest mountain on the planet. Due to Ecuador’s geographic location, Chimborazo Mount is the farthest point from the center of the Earth, being considered the “closest point to the sun”. The principal peak of the mount it is called “Josefina” and it is the first and lowest of 5 summits, and the last one ends at the length of 6,262 meters, traducing into 20,564 feet. “Chimborazo” is the name of the province where it is sited, Chimborazo, one of the 24 provinces that compose the Ecuador state.