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The great lengths we cross only to get to know cultures and wonderful places of the earth are the ones more valuables to life. Rich civilizations are spread all over South America’s history, and there is no doubt at all there are a number of mysteries in hand when we reach closer to the most ancient regions of Peru. This amazing country is the home of 55 native indigenous cultures (including the great Inca Empire), an ecosystem with wide biodiversity, a multiethnic population, the architectural wonder of Machu Picchu and the mysterious Nazca Lines geoglyphs, one of the most popular attractions in every South America travel.

Nazca Lines, an Ancient Peruvian Mystery

With an extension longer than 80kms, and located throughout the Pampas of Peru and the Nazca desert (also known as Sechura desert), lays the ancient “Nazca Lines”, a series of mixed geoglyphs resembling local animals of the region such as jaguars, llamas and monkeys; native humans; plants, and anthropomorphic figures; all of them made with well-defined lines. This figures are believed to be created for religious purposes as a tribute paid to the Nazca gods of their time.


Although there is no clear explanation as to why Nazca geoglyphs were made, scientist and archeologist demonstrated that it was actually a collaboration between mixed cultures because the art and direction of lines varies in between the glyphs. These lines resemble markers other cultures used to establish where the “celestial bodies” touch each other and converge in the greatness of space.

The main danger posing against Nazca lines preservation is the deforestation nearby the zone and heavy rain (but the latest lay with a degree of improbability even with climate change, because the rain only falls in the area for around 20 minutes every year). Nazca lines were made with a superficial depth of 20 centimeters approximately, so there’s an actual possibility of being washed away. Nevertheless, centuries passed since the first known mention of Nazca lines’ existence (in a 1553 book), and they remain visible to our eyes.

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Birds, jaguars, monkeys and other animal motifs inspired native cultures for the creation of the mysterious Nazca Lines.

From the hills close to the desert, the glyphs can be seen with clarity although it never matches the same view from the sky. Drawings of nature they seem, ancient art with apparent intent and the work of a culture that surely couldn’t saw them from the sky.

Even now on the present, new figures are been discovered in the vast desert of Nazca, and there are still plenty of secret surrounding the Nazca culture and their home Cahuachi. Maybe there is the key to found out the purposes of their activities and the higher reason for such a wide mark on the geography of Peru.