Lima, Peru

Being the capital city, Lima, Peru, is the most populated urban area in the country of Peru, and one of the most populated cities among countries in South America. Lima’s population represents 30% of the total Peruvian population. It is the political, social and financial city of the country, which makes it a mandatory destination if you’re visiting Peru.

Visit Lima, The City of Kings

During the 16th century, Lima was named The City of Kings by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro, but the zone was known by the indigenous people as Limaqthis is why, several years later, it was taken as the official name.

There is coastal desert on Lima surroundings, and the city is split by three rivers. It has beautiful natural, exotic, historic and cultural landscapes of great impact, catching the attention of a large amount of tourists from all over the world, who visit Lima year after year and end up dazzled by the beauty of a culture that combines the indigenous with modernity. All this makes Lima, Peru an ideal South American destination for lovers of nature, culture and history.

Even though Lima has access to the ocean, you won’t find any beaches there, or at least not as beautiful as you’d expect in a seaside city. Its shores are rocky and jagged, and they also have very deep waters. These waters are specially valuable for ships or yachts to rest on shore, where luxurious hotels and restaurants are a plenty.

Like most South America Colonial cities, Lima has plenty of architectonic masterpieces, such as Plaza de Armas square. Photo: Flickr

Lima, Peru, has been declared a World Heritage of the Humanity, since it has an rich heritage of historic, cultural and architectonic beauty. Its Moorish-style details and ornaments allow for buildings of Lima to have a seamless charm. With this, there’s also the fact of being an important part of South American history, since the city was a major hub of political and economic power for the Spanish that held the territory during Colonial times, making Lima a city rich in culture and history.

Every place you visit in Lima, Peru, has a deep cultural and historic interest: you can spend several days visiting places and exploring the colorful streets of the city, and you may even need more time to appreciate all of the beauty Lima has to offer.

In the whole city you’ll find hotels for every taste, color and size of wallet; from 5-star hotels, to comfortable and economic hostels in Lima’s downtown; the accommodation options in Lima suit everyone.

Things to do in Lima, Peru

One of the main places to visit in Lima, Peru, and where you can easily access some other sightseeing spots, is Plaza de Armas square. It was built over the remains of the ancient palace of the chieftain Taulichusco, and today is the political center of the city. On its surroundings there’s the Government Palace, the Municipal Palace of Lima, the Union Club and the Cathedral of Lima, all of this in a single block of the city of Lima.

If you visit the downtown area of Lima, Peru, you  can’t miss the opportunity of going to the district of Miraflores. It has stunning panoramic sights from its cliffs, and you can also visit different shopping malls, recreational areas, restaurants to taste the exquisite Peruvian cuisine and more. In Miraflores you can enjoy all the charm of the Lima with a marine touch.

Enjoy the amazing views of Lima from Miraflores, a romantic and trendy district in downtown area. Photo: Flickr.

If you’re interested in Pre-colonial culture and history, don’t forget to visit the Huaca Pucllana ruins. It was a ceremonial center of native civilizations, and it’s located on the Miraflores district. In this archaeological site you’ll find a restaurant, areas to appreciate local fauna and flora, and a craft shop.

Since you are visiting Miraflores, and if you’re with a special someone looking for romantic getaways, don’t hesitate to visit El Parque del Amor (The Love Park), located on the top of a beautiful canyon. The marine breeze, the spectacular view and the locations of this park and viewpoint are an invitation to enjoy your soulmate’s company. And it’s only in Lima, Peruin a park with a statue of two lovers kissing each other, adding the final touch to a visit plenty of romance.

For nature lovers visiting Lima, Peru, there are lots of sports and adventure activities on a place named Lunahuana, only 113 miles away from Lima. Here you can see the Cañete river, which feeds the nearby lands and serves as a scenario for tourists to practice extreme sports and outdoor activities like canopying, rafting and pisco-tasting. Besides, it is not an hostile environment in any way; if you wish to enjoy all the beauty of Lunahuana area for more than a couple of hours, the zone has lodging spots for adventurers who need more than a day of exploring.

Discover the beauty of Lima surroundings in Lunahuana, an area full of outdoor activities for nature lovers.

This beautiful land has many attractions, and there are is a plethora of words to describe each one of them, but that’s the reason why we invite you to discover Lima, the City of Kings.