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Enjoy the Pacific Ocean Waves In Mancora, One of The Best Beaches in Peru

Beaches! Pleasure is given to us by many specific landscapes that disconnect us from any routine, emotional weights, discomfort and all that could be going wrong with our world… and relieve our soul with the fresh seawater and a great range of activities to do.

Around the entire world there are plenty of beaches that can easily take your breath away, but the bests of them all are considered to be the ones with the better environment for surfing waves, scuba diving, and other specific aspects that boost up the greatness of the beach experience.

Of course, South America is home to many of them, and Peru has great surprises like Mancora beach, in the Northern region of this magical country. Spending a holiday in Mancora beach is simply heavenly, the rich nature interacting on a single point will change the way you feel and the perspective you have of immersion, since all characteristics around it are bound to call you in instead of out. This little fisher village is known as one of the best beaches in Peru, as well as one of the greatest locations catch waves. If you practice surfing or would like to try during your South America tours, this is definitely the place for you.

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If you’re into surfing, don’t doubt it: Mancora is a must among the destinations of your South America tours. Photo: Flickr.

Local fishermen use special boats to fish around medium level depth water. Their vehicles are called horses, because of their resemblance to the animal and the way people stroll with them and move around the shore. They are constructed with “totora”, a local reed that grows on water, making grass floor on top of it.

Mancora Beach, a “Costanera” with love

Mancora is kind of a small sized village, located north of Peru’s coast, precisely on Peruvian “Costanera” (seafront area). Most Peruvian citizens travel from Lima to this region when they can, each holiday many parties are formed, and at certain points of the year Mancora Beach gets so crowded that from a far seems like a massive beach festival of all day music. Mancora limits with Organos beach and also Las Pocitas, therefore if you want to walk down to any nearby beach you are at a long walk of distance.

Mancora is sort of divided into two sections, the main beach and the South area. Since it’s is a popular destination for locals and tourists from all over the world, most individual travelers search for something quieter, so Mancora’s South beach is easily the one specification people need to know upon arrival. While there is not a magnificent difference, the feeling around town, local people of this culture, and the activities to do… are done in a quieter fashion, Mancora is a beach for relaxation purposes that you surely won’t forget soon.

visiting mancora - south america best beaches - south america tours
Travelers from all over the world love the chill, hippie vibe of Mancora Beach.Photo: Flickr.