cuzco plaza de armas - south america tours - things to do in cuzco

Cuzco’s main square. Yes, the name of the emperor who leave quite a mark in the story of Peru. The Inca Empire had a “Warrior’s Plaza” called Huacaypata, it was stablished as place for ceremonies and many kings of its culture decided to establish their colonies and palaces there. A major ceremonial site for many years, nowadays it’s still the main square of Cuzco, currently known as Plaza de Armas.

To get to know the wide world of Peru, you need to visit the churches and museums that hold such wealth weight in history of art, architecture, evolution and culture. Cuzco’s main square or “Plaza de Armas” is an ideal place to begin a cultural journey through South America.

The Best Places to Visit in Cuzco’s Plaza de Armas

The Basilica Cathedral is around Cuzco’s main square. It has 10 chapels and was constructed in Baroque style. Spanish architects worked on it in the 16th century, and it replaced the palace of the historical character Inca Viracocha. The lord of tremors is venerated in this cathedral and the altars are covered with ornamental silver sheets.

cuzco's plaza de armas - south america tours - things to do in cuzco

The decoration of the place goes with a collection of canvases, coming around with a great number of 350 or 400 approximately. All made with minerals and earth riches as gold, amethysts, diamonds and pearls.

Other churchs as Iglesia de la Merced and Church of the Company of Jesus were stablished as patrimonial culture of Peru and even the world. Around the main square and the latest is one of the most wonderful in Cusco province. They were both made around 1500, also by Spaniard professionals of architecture. Specifically 1536 – Merced and 1571 – Company.

The Inca Museum is another stop to take in this trip, a must in all South America tours. In order to get to know the culture you need to pass by this location. It shows the beauty of the 16th century Spanish “Admiral” house. And even though it was affected several times around history, during conflicts and nature earthquakes, but fortunately it was repaired every time, getting even better year after year.

cuzco's plaza de armas - south america tours

Also, the museum of Casa Concha, which gives special recognition to Machu Picchu as a cultural wonder and place of core history of humanity. Twelve rooms collecting 360 artifacts founded around the same are shelved for people to see and know.

There is absolutely no way you can leave any of these stops and more behind a visit to Cuzco’s reign. If the history knowledge is now your thing, the stunning art showing off around every street of Cuzco’s Plaza de Armas will surely capture your sight.