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The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most famous places on earth. And it’s truly a significant place, since it contains over half of the world’s species. Interestingly, the Amazon rainforest only occupies 6% of our planet’s area, and it will occupy even less if world governments don’t take drastic measures against deforestation.

The Significance of Amazon Rainforest Conservation

The Amazon jungle destruction is one of the biggest issues faced by the countries in South America’s Amazonian region: Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil. If it continues at the current pace, we’ll lose half of the Amazon rainforest cover by 2020. From 1968 to 1999, deforestation became a big issue as it doubled in this period.

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The progressive destruction of Amazon rainforest has a huge impact on the environment, not only in South America but the entire planet.

But, why should we conserve the Amazon rainforest? The rainforest is a key ecosystem for the human kind: it helps to maintain the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, absorbing great deals of the latter and preventing its release into the atmosphere. It is important to conserve the Amazon rainforest in order to combat climate change and its effects. Also, we can find new medicines as Amazon jungle is the place where you will find rare medicinal plants. Moreover, it’s a genuine treasure we can gift our future generations.

Amazon Tourism

Tourism is the current biggest industry in the world, as it contributes to 11% to global GDP. As of now, there are 700 million internationally every year and this number is only going to get increased in time. By 2024, we can expect to see this number doubling.

Today, tourism has become a way to fight poverty as it creates many jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. With the help of ecotourism, we can fight deforestation of Amazon rainforests. In that past few decades, we have seen increased interest in nature, travel and it is here to stay. So, we have found a way to save the Amazon Rainforest: by promoting the Amazon tourism as a mechanism to raise awareness about the importance of this region. And, indeed, one should enjoy the beauty of the Amazon River at least once in his lifetime!

Why the Amazon Tourism is Evolving

Yes, tourism is evolving and it no longer means only sunbathing on beaches or taking photos at Disney World. Today, tourism is about experiencing new things and learning new things. People have so much curiosity when it comes to nature, and this is something that could definitely work in favour of the Amazon Rainforest, through eco-friendly Amazon tourism.

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Contrary to what many may think, Amazon tourism can reap lots of benefits for native communities if it implies ecological and social awareness.

However, ecotourism initiatives are only taking baby steps in Amazon Rainforest so far. This holds especially true in the case of Northern Amazon. People living in these regions, as well as the endemic wildlife, will benefit greatly from the Amazon tourism if we follow the right steps.

Amazon Tourism Attractions

As far as attractions in the Amazon rainforest are concerned, you have a wide range of options before you. It’s a great pleasure to watch the primal earth in its true form, and that experience is incomparable. You will be delighted to see the interesting and diverse wildlife here, which is unique to the Amazon rainforest. Today, Amazon traveling is something everyone looks forward to and a must in all South America tours.

As for tourist activities in the Amazon rainforest, keep in mind you shouldn’t go solo – always make your Amazon tours and excursions with the help of professionally-trained guides. There are lots of renowned tour agencies in every country in the region, offering suitable plans for travelers willing to engage in responsible Amazon tourism.

As we all know, wildlife is the biggest attraction when it comes to Amazon Rainforest. More bird species than in any other place in the world; unique mammals like monkey, jaguar, puma and tapir; and a huge animal diversity under the Amazon River, with species like turtles, crocodiles, anacondas, and even dolphins! But the Amazon tourism also offers some less-known attractions which won’t disappoint you at all. The urban centers near to the Amazon River are the right place to do these activities, and you’ll just love the unique architecture of these settlements.

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The Amazon Basin is one of the most valuable treasures on Earth, with a natural wealth of untold proportions.

The Teatro Amazonas, in Manaos (Brazil), is one of the biggest attractions you will see around the Amazon Basin. The finest materials from all over the world were brought to construct this architectural marvel… They even imported Italian marble and French glass! There are so many wonderful tour operators in Manaos, who will offer you a 7-day cruise across the rainforest (for those in search of adventure trips), as well as an outstanding city tour. You might not want to miss this!

Iquitos, in Peru, is another major attraction that you don’t want to miss during your South America tours. If you’re looking for a serene travel experience, then Lake Quistococha is certainly a must. You can take the canoes and enjoy a beautiful ride along the Amazon River, surrounded by the exotic rainforest. Without question, this is an unforgettable experience for the traveler. Make sure you spend at least a week in Iquitos, if you want to have a deep insight into Amazon tourism and explore all its possibilities.