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Movies like "City of God" (2002) often offer a good insight about South America's culture, but they're not always an accurate representation.

Travelling always carries a little risk, but travelling to some countries in South America could be riskier if you don’t plan your trip carefully. It is of a great importance to make arrangement through an established and serious travel or tour company in order to receive advice, tips and recommendations about the do’s and not to-do’s while on your South America travel.

South America’s dangerous “Fame”: Is South America Really a Dangerous Place?

The key point to a successful experience visiting South America is to choose the safest areas or locations in the different countries. Besides the negative images we often get from Narco movies and violence stereotypes in everyday news, South America’s dangerous reputation could be the result of all sort of bad conditions or situations that can be easily avoided just with the help of an experienced travel guide, but the following things should be considered and decided before packing the luggage:

  • Health issues like needed vaccination or the possibility of a good health system in case of an emergency has to be a priority. (Private health services are very common in South America because of the poor conditions of some of the public health services across the continent). If the country that you are looking forward to visit can´t offer the basic amenities you require, have this into your consideration.
  • Make sure that your guide or tour company keeps with the rules and law of the country government. Is it a wonderful waterfall across the border of the country but the crossing can´t be made legally? Don´t even think about it.
  • Choose the safest means of transportation available. Travelling by bus is safe in a country but could be the most dangerous thing to do in another. Do not feel drawn to save a couple of dollars and don´t let them sway you with the offer of an exciting adventure which could turn into a stressful situation. South America’s dangerous roads are infamous for the right reasons. Sometimes to rent a car could be a joyful experience but take into consideration the driving customs to prevent a traffic accident.
  • Read beforehand the press of the country that you would like to travel to. Sometimes tour companies would not disclose safety issues like a tourist kidnapping net in order to preserve their business. Take the time to look into local news in order to know what you are getting into. Also, travel blogs are a superb source of information and tips about safest places to visit in your South America tours.
  • Take a good notice about political and social issues. South America has a history of political instability. Is the country under a coup threat? Is been through a social confrontation? The crime is too high or isn´t handle it very well? Or the country is going into a military campaign against a neighbor? Probably it will not be the safest of the travel experiences to visit it.
  • Be aware of the ways to contact the police departments, embassy and consular offices from your country and maybe some acquaintances that live in the country that you are planning to visit.
south america's dangerous perception - south america tours
Open your mind and leave the stereotypes behing, don’t let South America’s dangerous reputation prevent you from visiting some of the most amazing places on earth!

Don’t let South America’s dangerous perceptions prevent you from enjoying all its magic

South America’s dangerous image doesn’t have to prevent the tourist from visiting a lot of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes and places in the world, from Venezuela to Argentina most of the people are kind and tend to give a special treatment to the visitors, the capitals and big cities can offer an endless enjoyable possibilities and the little town scattered through the countries are charming and full of beautiful and comfortable hostels, cozy B&B and delicious food. Take the chances to be part of cultural events and seasonal festival, the unique handcrafts and souvenirs can be the perfect gift to take back to home. It´s a just a matter of making the right choices and to thoughtfully plan the trip with the help of a South America Tours company, what can be the differences between the most incredible (and safe) adventure and a frustrating and even dangerous experience.